Running Into Temptation by Jacqueline DeGroot


In the first book of the RV series, we meet Carrie Roberts who has just run away from her abusive husband. She has figured out how she can finally get away and slip into a new, anonymous life. Deciding to become a full time RVer to evade the man who will surely stop at nothing to find her, she takes off in her new motorhome. As she travels the country familiarizing herself with her new home, the campgrounds she visits become her world.
During Carrie’s travels she meets Daniel and Angelina, a father
and his five-year old daughter. Carrie is stunned when days
later she discovers Angelina’s picture on a Missing Children’s Network bulletin board at a local Wal-Mart. Her curiosity gets the best of her and even as she enlists the help of a rugged, virile federal agent, she is drawn to discover Daniel’s secret. It’s a chase across the country as an angry federal agent named Brick Tyler rues the day he met the petite stunner named Carrie Roberts.

The whimsical, day-to-day life of a full time RVer is highlighted as Carrie makes her way west trying to stay one step ahead of the exasperated and highly capable Brick Tyler, who is determined to catch up to her and throw her in jail for her double-crossing actions.

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Running Into Temptation by Jacqueline DeGroot

Running Into Temptation by Jacqueline DeGroot