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    Ocean Isle Gem of the Atlantic Coast – Full Color Coffee Table Edition
    Escape to the sandy shores and salty air with a celebration of Ocean Isle Beach: The beauty of Ocean Isle’s beaches, marshes, canals & laid-back lifestyle in rich full color photography. See the featured homes, parks, shops and attractions of this hidden gem we know as Ocean Isle Beach, NC!

    Buy this hard cover, high quality, full-color coffee table edition and take home a piece of this treasured island and have the beach with you all year long!

    Also Available in Combination Pack with Ocean Isle: A History and A Remembrance – Click Here to Purchase both for $39.95



  • $24.95 $12.48

    A Secret History Of Brunswick County – From the earliest days of European exploration to the golf courses and beach resorts in this fascinating and fast-growing region, Brunswick County has attracted settlers, invaders, and visitors of all descriptions.

    In these pages you’ll read about Steve Bonnet, the “Gentleman Pirate,” who hid his ships in Brunswick’s moss-draped creeks but unfortunately underestimated the ebbing tide; “Mrs. Calabash,” who’s said to have lent her name to the famous sign-off for Jimmy Durante’s classic radio shows; and Topsy the Elephant, who swam for the Brunswick riverbank after breaking loose from circus handlers in the 1920s.

    Follow the struggles and victories that shaped Brunswick County, from the first contact of Europeans with native Americans, to successive administrations of the Lords Proprietors, the royal governors, the British crown, and the leaders of a new nation—many at whom hailed from this small but influential corner of North Carolina. Discover Brunswick’s rich Civil War history, scenic roadways and waterways and current-day towns and townships.

    Tales of the Silver Coast, recounts the tales of privateers and plantation owners, politicians and Prohibition rum-runners and the many colorful people and diverse places of southeastern North Carolina.

  • $12.95

    Relive the days when some of history’s most infamous pirates plagued the coasts of North and South Carolina. Pirates of the Carolinas features Pope’s full-color illustrations, with accompanying text describing the history and lore of pirates from the Golden Age to the present day.

  • $12.95 $6.48

    Read all about the incredible lives of some of history’s most infamous pirates. In his latest pirate book Miller Pope recounts the exploits of these outlaws of the seven seas. Enjoy profiles of pirates through history.

    From the pirates at the dawn of civilization through the pirates of the middle ages and the most famous pirates of piracy’s golden age right through to the present day. .. this book tracks the infamous rogues of the seas.

    Each pirate ’s story features a unique illustration of the pirate. Other Pirates, Other Times: the past and future of piracy. A Roster of Infamy: a list of pirates and their vessels

  • $12.95 $6.48

    A richly illustrated history of pirate’s ships through the ages. From the dawn of civilization through the pirate ships of the middle ages on through piracy’s golden age in the caribbean to the modern pirates of today this book covers all the ships of piracy through out the world down through the ages.

    It is reasonable to assume that pirate ships were the same as other ships of their historic period and place, except that they were more heavily armed and had more crew than ordinary ships.

    The early pirates no doubt acquired their ships in the same manner as most of their later brethren, by theft or capture.

    The captured or stolen ships were usually stripped of everything unnecessary to the evil purposes of the sea bandits. They were then equipped with maximum armament before setting out to seek plunder.

  • $19.95 $9.97

    Author and Illustrator Miller Pope has spent a lifetime as an artist meanwhile gathering a encyclopedic knowledge of history on a local as well as global level! Now he has retired and is sharing all his knowledge and talent as an artist in a series of books that are gaining rave reviews. From Captain Kidd to Blackbeard to the pirates of the orient, from bloody battles to walking the plank, from blunderbusses to cutlasses, you’ll be shivering in your timbers!