Running Up The Score by Jacqueline DeGroot


Talk about an identity crisis! I have changed my name from Debbie, to Carrie, to Jenny, all in an effort to keep my husband from finding me. But I keep running, and lately all I’m doing is running into trouble.

In Oregon I discover that my neighbors are doing something despicable inside their mega-yacht RV, and then I meet a soldier returning from Iraq who’s trying to find the girl he fell in love with, yet all he has to go on is a picture of her with a snowman.

 In California, my neighbors have a very unique family arrangement—one wife, two husbands. Later, I manage to get myself and my new pet lizard stranded in Death Valley. I’m baking in my RV, which has become an oven, when I’m rescued by a cowboy in a limousine and am whisked away to his luxury resort.

Meanwhile, Brick, my boy toy (even though we have never really “toyed”), continuously turns up at the wrong time when things are not as they seem. I say boy toy, because I am definitely not ready to have a “boyfriend” yet. Especially as no matter what I do, I cannot seem to keep my jealous husband from finding me. Stupidly, I walk right into his trap and the nightmares I’ve been having become my reality.

Brick’s a federal agent, and busy trying to catch predators and child molesters, including the one who took his sister four years earlier, but I know without a doubt that he’ll rescue me. I may drive him crazy, but I know that he loves
me, and that he’ll find me before it’s too late.

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Running Up The Score by Jacqueline DeGroot

Running Up The Score by Jacqueline DeGroot