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    Our Charming Sea Glass Necklace is dainty, fun and colorful.  Each necklace includes a small bezel set piece of sea glass along with a charm and a Swarovski pearl, all in sterling silver.

    18″ Inch Sterling Silver Chain

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    Great for layering with other necklaces, or as a simple dainty piece!  One-of-a-kind pieces of natural aqua or white sea glass collected in Charleston SC & among travels in the Caribbean are capsuled in a 3-micron layer of spun gold and attached to either 15″or 18″ length 14k gold filled chain,  keeping your shade of the sea close to your heart.

  • $39.95

    In hopes to standardize sea glass color names for collectors, jeweler Meg Carter created this guide as a reference and a beautiful work of art.

    Eighty-one different sea glass colors have now been classified and officially named. This 24 x 18 inch poster is not only helpful in sorting and discussing your collection, this rainbow of color can be a statement piece in your home. Above all, it can be a conversation starter about your own sea glass collection. This is a must have for any sea glass collector or beach lover.

    You can bring your sea glass home right from the beach and identify your color and rarity before you even wash it. The Carter Sea Glass Color and Rarity Guide was created as a reference and common place for color names.

    Collectors, crafters and jewelers can now reference colors by all using the same names. Color rarity is indicated next to each color name on a 1 – 10 scale making collecting and identification even more exciting.

    This poster is printed on 80 lb. white silk paper. This guide features 81 of the likely color shades found in one’s collection. Each piece of glass shows the official color name next to the shard along with its rarity grading from 1-10. You will also find an “*” next to some shards denoting they are ultraviolet. These particular pieces are ultraviolet, but it is possible to find these colors without the shards having an ultraviolet hue. All the pieces of sea glass showcased in this guide are actual genuine pieces of sea glass that have been unaltered from Meg Carter’s collection. None of the colors have been created by any false means. All of the colors are true to the actual shades of sea glass. The pale pieces in the top right of the guide are very close to white, but have a small hint of color, which is best viewed under natural light. When using your guide to sort your collection, always use natural light. Using artificial light while viewing the guide will cause the color hues to appear differently.

  • $54.95

    The Dainty Pendant Sea Glass Necklace is the epitome of simple.  Each necklace includes a small bezel set piece of sea glass in sterling silver.  That’s it.  Plain and simple.  Layer it with other lengths or feature it by itself.  It’s extremely versatile, cute and fun.

    18″ Sterling Silver Chain.

  • $74.95

    Featuring colorized genuine sea glass, the Prism Sea Glass Single Pendant Necklace is simple and just right to add to any outfit.  The dreamy colors make a beachy statement and pairs perfectly with all beachy colors in your wardrobe.  A single piece of colorized, genuine sea glass is bezel set with a simple bail.  The pendant hangs from an 18″ sterling silver cable chain with a spring ring clasp, which is included.  All Prism single pendants are stamped on the back with our bird/triangle logo to indicate it is a Prism Sea Glass piece and colorized.

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    Featuring colorized, coral, genuine sea glass, the Prism Sea Glass cuff bracelet is bold and beautiful.  Set in sterling silver the soft coral color makes a statement and pairs perfectly with other vibrant colors in your wardrobe.  A single piece of colorized, genuine sea glass is bezel set with a sturdy half round cuff.  The opening in the cuff is one inch and is a great fit for most wrists.


    About Prism Sea Glass from Made by Meg: Prism sea glass jewelry offers a spin on the traditional sea glass jewelry.  With our proprietary process, we use white, beach-found, genuine sea glass, creating colorized sea glass by putting a splash of color behind the glass.  The color shows through creating an illusion of a colored piece of glass, so we are able to create pieces in almost any color imaginable.  We use the same process and glass for every color, so rarity is not a factor and all colors can be priced the same.  We do not dye or stain the glass.  The color is permanent and it will not fade or change. Exposing the jewelry to water is perfectly safe.

  • $88.00

    This piece features one-of-a-kind sea glass found rimmed in 3 microns layer of 14kt gold.  This bracelet is a perfect go-to accessory to layer with other bracelets or as a statement piece on its own.  Available in Aqua or White sea glass.  Chain and all components are 14kt gold-filled, and rimmed sea glass is 14kt gold.

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    Our sea glass drop earrings add movement and color to your outfit and are surprisingly lightweight.  Each earring consists of two links of chain attached to small bail on the bezel wall.

  • $164.00

    This is truly a treasure piece.  Made from my collection of porcelain fragments found in the earth of downtown Historic Charleston, SC.  Each piece of porcelain is antique, one-of-a-kind find, and collected in areas that date back to the Colonial settlers.  It is gold edged in a 3 microns layer of 14kt gold and affixed to 14k gold filled chain.  Chain around neck measures 16″ and a 1″ chain connects the porcelain piece.  Each piece is unique, and therefore won’t be exactly the same as that pictured here.

  • $132.00

    Sure to be an everyday piece, these semi hoops are inspired by the two solstices; one earring symbolizes summer while the other represents winter- together the two halves bring balance.  Just as each season is unique, each earring is hand-forged and no two are ever alike.  Dainty and striking, these one of a kind mini hoops are 14k gold filled

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    The Prism Sea Glass Nurture Necklace features two colored pieces of sea glass surrounded by a sterling silver, horizontal oval.

    18″ Sterling Silver Chain

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    Made to wear as a daily stacked-ring look, or as a statement cocktail ring, the Oracle Ring is inspired by the myths of ancient Greece and their ties to the sea.  14kt gold-filled wrapped bands are hand-forged and designed to resemble sunlight on water.  This ring is forged to a size 6 but is adjustable to sizes 5 or 7 with care.   Other sizes can happily be created upon request!

  • $132.00

    This hand engraved medallion necklace is created to inspire travel & adventure seeking.  Hold the Four Winds close to your heart, inspired by the windrose compass symbol, used throughout time by ancient mariners to denote from where the winds of the four cardinal directions blow. This piece features a hand engraved coin with the Four Winds symbol on the front, and flip the coin over to see the subtly engraved roman numerals for “pi” a number that has no root, symbolizing a life of travel.  The medallion piece is soldered to a hammered golden arc that drops on cable chain, giving this piece a classic vintage 70s feel. The medallion piece is layered in 3 microns 14k gold, and all chain + components are 14k gold filled, total length including medallion is 17″.  Enjoy making this piece a part of your journey.

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    Inspired by the moon as our guide this is the essential wear-every-day necklace. Hand-forged 14kt gold-filled crescent piece hangs on 14kt gold-filled 17″ chain. Perfect for layering or lovely on its own.

  • $169.00

    Symbolic of balance to find truth, these earrings are elegant yet bold.  The golden arcs are hand forged then cast in 3 microns 14k gold.  Each holds a one-of-a-kind natural piece of aqua sea glass capped in 3 microns 14kt gold; chain + ear hooks are 14k gold filled.  Created to last, these earrings are unique so no two will ever be the same, just like your story.

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    Our sea glass studs are surprisingly lightweight.  The post is centered towards the top of the earring back, making the earring hang down instead of centered on the ear.  The post is notched to provide extra security from the ear nut from slipping.

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    $65.95 $52.95

    The Prism Sea Glass Valley Necklace features two colorized, genuine sea glass pieces cupped by a sterling silver valley.  This design almost suggests a smiling face!  The valley shape hangs on an 18″ sterling silver cable chain closed with a spring ring clasp. The valley shape measures 1 ½ inches across.  The sea glass pieces in this design will have one small and one medium, the shape of the two pieces will vary.  All prism necklaces are stamped on the back with our bird/triangle logo to indicate it is a Prism Sea Glass piece and colorized.

  • $156.00

    These earrings feature hammered 14kt gold filled arcs, natural White Magnesite stone beads adorned with natural tumbled AA grade Rainbow Moonstones sourced from a family-owned mine in India.

  • $172.00

    A perfect statement every-day pendant necklace, it compliments a casual outfit or wear it as an eye-catcher for dressy occasions.  Try it layered with other sea glass necklaces!  A 2-3″ sea glass piece rimmed in 3 microns layer of 14kt gold hangs from 14kt gold-filled 30″ chain, and pendant will fall right below the chest.  All sea glass is found locally. Please note each piece of sea glass is unique by the forces of nature, so not all pieces will look like the piece pictured here.  Offered in white and aqua sea glass based on availability.

  • $119.00

    Symbolic of this sacred snake in ancient Egypt & the feminine divine, this piece is inspired by the Egyptian daughter of the sun god, the goddess Wadjet, a protective deity always represented by the cobra snake.  A hand-forged 14k gold fill serpentine cuff catches the sun and reminds its wearer of the power of her light.  Designed to layer.

  • $146.00

    This medallion necklace makes the perfect everyday piece that holds so much meaning.  Designed to layer, it is inspired by the constellations studied + used as guides throughout time, along with those still yet to be discovered.  The hand-engraved medallion symbolizes the infinite, boundless, untold myriad possibilities, paths, and dreams.  Draped on an intricate rope chain, this piece is adjustable from 18″ to 20″, and designed to layer.

    14kt gold fill chain and medallion is 3 microns heavy 14k gold.

  • $172.00

    Meridian: the great circle of the celestial sphere that passes through its poles and the observer’s zenith.  Let this dreamy necklace guide + align you.  Flowing 14k gold fill Box Chain holds a one-of-a-kind shimmery cast arc plated in heavy 14k, holding a natural vermeil bezel-set Rainbow Moonstone.  Adjustable from 18″ to 20″, this necklace is sure to catch the light and make an outfit. 

  • $198.00

    The big sister to the dainty Trove Necklace. Made with found antique Charleston porcelain pieces dating from the 1700-1900s edged in heavy 14k gold and sitting pretty on a 32″ long 14k gold fill cable chain. This dreamy piece holds a tale of its own, revived to become part of yours. Each piece of porcelain is one-of-a-kind, and the pieces shown in this photo may not be the exact pieces available.

  • $139.00

    Hand hammered 5″ gold arcs add a touch of chic-meets-bold to every outfit.  Classic 70s inspired, and named for the Egyptian god of the rising sun, these are definitely an accessory essential.  All materials are 14kt gold-filled and won’t tarnish with proper care.

  • $159.00

    Channeling a 1970s vibe and inspired by Egyptian design, these earrings are sleek and ultra captivating.  A labor of love, each pair is meticulously hand forged from 14k gold fill metal and features natural tumbled Amazonite gemstones capped in 14k gold.  The gemstones resemble a captured drop of the ocean, a cure or elixir for all things.  Each gemstone is natural and therefore one-of-a-kind by nature.  Sometimes the stones are not “perfectly” matching in a pair, but that’s the beauty + uniqueness in jewelry made with all natural semiprecious stones- a love note from nature.