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    A city of rare beauty and fascinating history, Wilmington attracts armies of tourists and visitors year-round eager to view its picturesque waterfront, to learn of the old port city’s remarkable heritage and traditions, and to enjoy its grand beaches and landscapes. This visual history explores the city’s and the vicinity’s unique story from the late 1890s to the 1960s through the medium of postcards, a popular way of documenting a town’s famous buildings, dwellings, personalities, and scenery.

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    Southport is a small seaside village whose rich history began as early as 1754, when Fort Johnston was built. In 1792, it was incorporated as the town of Smithville, but in 1887, with their busy fishing village growing, the citizens decided to rename it Southport in hopes it would bring a port to their town. Much to their disappointment, however, the port was located in Wilmington. In 1954, Hurricane Hazel made landfall, and the storm surge delivered to Southport was the greatest in North Carolina’s recorded history. Like most seaside villages, Southport recovered and is listed in the National Register of Historic Places today. Observing Independence Day since 1795, Southport annually hosts the official North Carolina Fourth of July celebration.

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    From its dubious beginnings as a pirate-filled colony to a popular tourist destination, North Carolina has an amazingly colorful history. Author and illustrator Ben Fortson presents that history in the form of off-the-wall anecdotes, poignant insights and sublimely silly illustrations. Take a hilarious look at Daniel Boone’s larger-than-life Carolina personality. Peruse an uproarious account of the Andrew Jackson birthplace controversy or politically astute commentary on the power of tobacco in the state. Fortson takes readers on a side-splitting and educational ride through the annals of Tar Heel State history.

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    A collection of folklore, unusual history, and culture of the beach.