Shipwrecked at Sunset by Jacqueline DeGroot


By renowned local Romance Novelist Jacqueline DeGroot

Want a great romance read for your days at the beach?

Shipwrecked is a story of love so strong it survives time and treachery. It is a story of forensic discovery rich with southern history.

A Confederate soldier’s body is discovered buried under the remains of a Civil War ship under the beach at Sunset Beach, NC. The wreck, uncovered in the aftermath of a hurricane on the North Carolina coast, holds secrets that will change lives.

A reluctant pathologist, Dr. Ben Kenyon, is sent to identify the body and tie up the loose ends for the state. One of those loose ends turns out to be Shelby Laine, an inspector for the Division of Coastal Area Management.

She is a willful woman, passionate in more ways than one in her dedication to preserving the history and coastal environment of the South. Ben and Shelby work together to unravel the poignant story of a plantation owner’s son and the slave woman he loved. They also find a deep attraction to each other. The history of a beautiful southern plantation is changed forever by their discovery of passion, desire, and love.

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