Running Into A Brick Wall by Jacqueline DeGroot


For Jenny, our intrepid RVer, the excitement never ends. Staying one step ahead of her abusive husband, who is more determined than ever to find her, she now faces more danger reuniting a missing child with her rightful parents. Her efforts lead to a break in a four-year-old case that is close to Brick’s heart, and take her to the largest RV rally in the country where her mission is to rescue her sexy cop’s little sister from the man who kidnapped her. Jenny, afraid to involve Brick in another false lead, is determined to handle this without him knowing.

Being courageous in the face of danger is what Brick gets paid for, but he’s not so brave in his personal life. Once he discovers his passionate feelings for Jenny, it’s not his job that has him chasing after her—it’s the fear of losing her. Having been afraid to express his love for Jenny, he’s now ready to commit to a relationship. But with Jenny getting into one mishap after another, it’s hard to find the time to show her what she means to him. Jenny, realizing this is the kind of love she’s always dreamed of, is ready to do anything to get Brick’s family back together.

Valiant, daring, and full of life, Jenny is becoming the woman she was born to be as she adapts to the RVing life she was meant to live. As anyone who’s been camping knows, it’s the people you meet along the way who color the tale—so enjoy the journey!

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