The Giclee’ process offers perhaps the highest degree of accuracy and richness of the color palate of all the reproduction techniques available today.

Technically, the process starts with an extremely high resolution digital scan, then, a patented digital printing process uses microscopically fine droplets of special “archival” ink to create the image area. A single print can consist of as many as 20 million droplets!

The image is rendered onto cotton canvas, matte or gloss papers, and the image can have a life span of 75-100 years.

What does all this mean?

For color richness, luminosity, and brilliance….Giclee’ is the best print you can buy.

It cost a little more than conventional printing, but is worth a lot more in the finished print.

I do make Giclee’ prints of my Artists works available.

Giclee’ can be used to make beautiful reproductions of your favorite photos and painyings.

P.S. If you are an artist wanting to experiment with Giclee’, carefully check the references and work of your printer-to-be. Giclee’ really is a technical art form, so find a good technician with an artisis soul!