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Tom Rieber, Mystery WriterTom Rieber Mystery Author

This is where I get to talk about me and my desire to be accurate but humble in the same breath.

I began writing at a young age and actually believed that I would be the next Hemmingway (without the grisly ending of course). But as with most of us, life had a way of sidetracking me through a long series of failed amours, job choices and bizare career chases.

I have done everything imaginable from being in the U.S. Navy during the Vietnam War, working in a hospital, selling women’s shoes to building houses and then selling them. The majority of my working life has been in the real estate field and this last economic crash put and end to all of that and finally has pushed me to do what I’ve always dreamed of doing and that would be to write…

Almost 20 years ago I surrendered to the ugly disease of alcoholism and became a sober member of society. Many revelations became apparent as the fog lifted. I felt I had wasted so many years on my hedonistic quest (oh, don’t get me wrong, it was fun for a while), but all I did was take and I wanted to give back. It was then I began to write and Nick Thomas came alive in my mind and on the pages. First he was a champion of justice, a ex-green beret, ex-cop who could kill with a rolled up newspaper or paperclip–everything that I was not. Over the years of painfull, ugly prose I came to the realization that Nick was not me and he was not real. I realized that if Nick were to be believable, Nick should be me–my alter ego..Nick was re-born.

Nick is me. He is an incurable romantic, spiritual, sensitive and a intuitive street philosopher who serves as a good friend and informal therapist to any or all that will listen. I am a recovering alcoholic and have been for many years.

My wife Kibbi and I live on the beautiful southeastern coast of North Carolina in a sleepy little town called Ocean Isle Beach. We spend many hours walking the beach with our overgrown Golden Retriever, Skyler and thanking God for the life we have today.

As I am writing the second novel in the Nick Thomas Mystery Series, The Devil’s Parody, I am also working on a more serious piece that encompasses the trials of our lives today and the struggle of the human condition in this horrible economic downturn. The main thrust will be how to empower the youth and our children to inherit the mess we are leaving them and to give them hope of a new world. It is possible and I believe that if we all learn how to Pay it Forward, we just might leave the world a better place than we found it. In this I need the help of all of you. I need your ideas, I need your encouragement and dedication. Join my quest and help me make a difference.

So my friends, that is me. Along the way I believe I have become a very unique individual with a strong spiritual and sensitive side. A caring, good natured, bleeding heart who believes he can make a difference in this world through his words and actions and I am asking for your help. Drop me a line, tell me how you feel and how you think we can make a difference.


Tom Rieber

Author & supporter of good causes

Devil’s Parody Tom Rieber Mystery AuthorDevil’s Parody Tom Rieber Mystery Author

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It has sure been a long time coming, we know.  But Devil’s Parody is well worth the wait.

Set in the dark woods of Vermont, rich sociopath, Sebastian Black, has assembled a group of six high-stakes gamblers for the ultimate game of chance. How far would you go for five million dollars? Nick and his ladylove, Chris, find themselves running for their lives in this super page-turner.

The same cast of colorful characters that you came to love in Nick’s debut, The Nine Irony, are back.
Nick Thomas, mystery writer and street philosopher, his soul-mate, Chris, and of course his huge Jamaican guardian angel, Ray follow the trail of Skyler Todd, Chris’ uncle, to a secluded estate in the northern mountains where he and five others were lured and held captive.

$14.99 Devil’s Parody – Nick Thomas Mystery by Tom Rieber

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