Sea Glass Rarity Guide


In hopes to standardize sea glass color names for collectors, jeweler Meg Carter created this guide as a reference and a beautiful work of art.

Eighty-one different sea glass colors have now been classified and officially named. This 24 x 18 inch poster is not only helpful in sorting and discussing your collection, this rainbow of color can be a statement piece in your home. Above all, it can be a conversation starter about your own sea glass collection. This is a must have for any sea glass collector or beach lover.

You can bring your sea glass home right from the beach and identify your color and rarity before you even wash it. The Carter Sea Glass Color and Rarity Guide was created as a reference and common place for color names.

Collectors, crafters and jewelers can now reference colors by all using the same names. Color rarity is indicated next to each color name on a 1 – 10 scale making collecting and identification even more exciting.

This poster is printed on 80 lb. white silk paper. This guide features 81 of the likely color shades found in one’s collection. Each piece of glass shows the official color name next to the shard along with its rarity grading from 1-10. You will also find an “*” next to some shards denoting they are ultraviolet. These particular pieces are ultraviolet, but it is possible to find these colors without the shards having an ultraviolet hue. All the pieces of sea glass showcased in this guide are actual genuine pieces of sea glass that have been unaltered from Meg Carter’s collection. None of the colors have been created by any false means. All of the colors are true to the actual shades of sea glass. The pale pieces in the top right of the guide are very close to white, but have a small hint of color, which is best viewed under natural light. When using your guide to sort your collection, always use natural light. Using artificial light while viewing the guide will cause the color hues to appear differently.

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Sea Glass Rarity Guide

Sea Glass Rarity Guide