Inherit the Land by L. Lincoln Clark


Mitch and Jen were finally married and living the dream life. Then on one fateful morning, their lives changed drastically! Their son, Richie, was missing! Had he been kidnapped, or had he wandered off at Ocean Isle where their beach home was located? Soon it became clear that he had been kidnapped. But by whom? No one came forward demanding ransom. Time dragged on with no results from the search team led by Fbi Special Agent Ethan Wolfe. Just when Mitch thought nothing worse could happen, his wife, Jen, was kidnapped from their home in Stevensville as well. This time, notes started giving clues to who the kidnapper might be. Mitch joined Ethan in a search for his beloved family that led them on a cross-country chase to find the two before it was too late. Dr. L. Lincoln Clark has woven a romantic suspense story that once you pick it up, you will find it difficult to put it down until you have reached its exciting conclusion.

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