The Ghosts of Bald Head Island by Edith Edwards


The Ghosts of Bald Head Island tells of bright, ambitious Connie Edmonds. Thirty years ago Connie failed to prevent the suicide of a fellow WAC and then lied at the investigation. The WAC’s father, a prominent senator, vows to make her life miserable.

Guilt from her actions, added to pressure from the senator, push Connie to a nervous breakdown. Suzanne Marshburn, ghost of the Civil War, appears to assist Connie. Suzanne has secrets to hide—of betrayal, murder, and mental illness. Connie learns of the murder of a cruel slave owner and of the death of a Confederate spy.

Additionally, she must challenge a spirit that appears when she becomes close to a man. Father Robin Benson, Episcopal priest, has fallen in love with Connie. Robin also wrestles demons that threaten his relationships. Set in coastal North Carolina, local history and beauty interweave in this unforgettable story, with characters becoming forces of their own.

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The Ghosts of Bald Head Island