Flash Drive by Jacqueline DeGroot


She lost it . . . he found it. Their lives will never be the same again. Laurel Leighton has lost her flash drive. On it are all the naughty little stories she’s written. Thinking of whose hands that not-so-innocent, little thing could have fallen into, makes her cringe. It holds her secrets, all her dirty secrets. Every wicked scenario that has played out in her mind eventually made it onto that thumb drive. It’s her fantasy life, and now it’s out there-someplace where anybody can find it. Someone is going to discover the erotic world she retreats to when life gets a little overwhelming. Laurel is having a really bad morning. And if she doesn’t find that flash drive, she’s going to have a really bad life. Garrett Grayson doubts there has ever been a more explicit, more detailed, more perfect map to passion than this. It is practically a step-by-step guide for this particular woman’s sexual satisfaction-all her fantasies spelled out-telling anyone who reads it, what would pleasure her most. What he has is a treasure map to seduction. Every kinky craving, every special caress, and every sinful desire that would bring this woman to her ultimate climax is on this flash drive. It is beyond tempting. He must find this woman and use the information she has so generously provided. He can’t wait to see her eyes glaze over when he takes her to the dark corners of her submissive mind and fulfills her every carnal whim. Finding her is not going to be easy. It’s an ordinary flash drive with no identification. He will have to dig into her files for clues to hunt her down. Fortunately, he loves a good mystery. What will happen when these two meet? What will happen when she discovers her flash drive in his laptop case after one very memorable weekend?

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