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    Hurricane Hazel swept the U.S. Eastern Seaboard in mid-October 1954, eventually landing in the record books as one of the most deadly and enduring hurricanes. After punishing Haiti with mudslides that killed hundreds, Hazel edged northward, striking the Carolina coast as a ferocious category four.

    Landfall occurred near the South Carolina-North Carolina border, where a massive surge washed over barrier beaches and swept away hundreds of homes. Coastal communities like Myrtle Beach, Long Beach, Carolina Beach, and Wrightsville Beach caught the brunt of the storm tide and suffered heavy damages.

    Hazel barreled inland and battered eastern North Carolina with 100-plus mile-per-hour gusts that toppled trees and power lines and peeled away rooftops. It then raced northward setting new wind records across seven states. In Ontario, it spawned flash floods that became the most deadly in Canadian history.

    When it was all over, Hazel had killed more than 1,000 and left a trail of destruction across the hemisphere. But nowhere was its impact more dramatic than in the Carolinas.

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    Our Sea Turtles is an abundantly illustrated guide to our human experience with a majestic and intriguing group of marine animals. The book dives deep into the lives of sea turtles, telling their story with unique perspectives and fascinating images that engender understanding and compassion.

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    This accessibly written and authoritative guide updates the beloved and much-used 1970s classic Seacoast Plants of the Carolinas. In this completely reimagined book, Paul E. Hosier provides a rich, new reference guide to plant life in the coastal zone of the Carolinas for nature lovers, gardeners, landscapers, students, and community leaders.

    Features include:
    * Detailed profiles of more than 200 plants, with color photographs and information about identification, value to wildlife, relationship to natural communities, propagation, and landscape use.
    * Background on coastal plant communities, including the effects of invasive species and the benefits of using native plants in landscaping.
    * A section on the effects of climate change on the coast and its plants.
    * A list of natural areas and preserves open to visitors interested in observing native plants in the coastal Carolinas.
    * A glossary that includes plant names and scientific terms.

    With a special emphasis on the benefits of conserving and landscaping with native plants, this guide belongs on the shelf of every resident and visitor to the coasts of the Carolinas.

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    Eight kids, dead for over a hundred years, finally get a young woman to listen to their story and help them seek justice for the lives they lost to violence. For years they have tried to contact people living in the house in front of their family graveyard, but being inept with their unproven powers, they only managed to scare each person away. But this one doesn’t scare easily.

    Piper loves this little house she’s moved into, it’s perfect for her. So despite being furious at the mysterious events ruining her first night in her new home, she stays. She sees the antics of the clumsy, bungling, and awkward child ghosts as endearing. Once she understands their story, she accepts their challenges and uses their insights to rescue children all over Brunswick County. It’s not long before the little family worms its way into her heart and changes how she feels about family, commitment, and ghosts.

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    Read all about the incredible lives of some of history’s most infamous pirates. In his latest pirate book Miller Pope recounts the exploits of these outlaws of the seven seas. Enjoy profiles of pirates through history.

    From the pirates at the dawn of civilization through the pirates of the middle ages and the most famous pirates of piracy’s golden age right through to the present day. .. this book tracks the infamous rogues of the seas.

    Each pirate ’s story features a unique illustration of the pirate. Other Pirates, Other Times: the past and future of piracy. A Roster of Infamy: a list of pirates and their vessels

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    With simple organization, this guide tells the individual stories of 213 shelled mollusks using descriptive accounts, distribution maps, and color photographs. Accounts feature glimpses of each seashell’s former life as a living creature. The organization and descriptions as well as the photographs make shell identification easy.

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    Fishes of North Carolina, South Carolina and Georgia: A Guide to Inshore and Offshore Species is for anglers and nature enthusiasts alike. Featured are 65 common saltwater species of fish occurring in the beautiful coastal and offshore waters of the US South Atlantic Bight region. The illustrations are arranged so that comparison of similar species is easy. The accompanying text accurately indicates size, distinguishing features and habitat.
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    All about Callinectes sapidus, the Atlantic blue crab.

    • In-depth information on life cycle, habitat, catching, cooking, and- best of all- eating blue crabs.​

    Blue Crabs: Catch ’em, Cook ’em, Eat ’em is a practical, entertaining, well-illustrated guide to blue crabs and crabbing along the US East and Gulf Coasts. Provides guidance on catching, cooking, picking, and eating crabs. Healthy, lower-fat (but tasty) recipes are emphasized. Includes extensive information about Callinectes sapidus (beautiful, savory swimmer). The text is fully illustrated with 75 B&W photographs and 100 pen & ink drawings.

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    North Carolina is considered one of the US headquarters for ghost lights–that is, for spooky and unexplained luminous phenomena. Nearly half of all reported ghost lights shine, blink, burn, dance, or float somewhere in the state. These ghost lights are well known in their localities. There are scary and fascinating stories associated with them, and they attract many visitors, each hoping to see a ball of fire floating over a cemetery or a jack-o’-lantern illuminating a corner of the Great Dismal Swamp or a long-dead railroad man swinging his lantern in search of his severed head.

    Author Charles “Fritz” Gritzner has been chasing ghost lights for many years. A geography professor and luminous phenomenon buff, he has visited the sites, researched possible scientific explanations for the lights, and recorded the legends surrounding them. In this charming and fascinating book, he does not seek to debunk these phenomena, but to illuminate them as a part of the folk culture of North Carolina. This book–organized by the regions of the state–contains maps, site descriptions, and related stories for 54 separate ghost light locations. Written for a general audience, it is the perfect guide for a ghost light seeker or for those fascinated by ghost stories and local folklore.

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    As Christmas approaches, Drew and Piper have their hands full with Kevin and eight bumbling ghosts. Connor, having become Kevin’s best friend, is now using his powers to protect Kevin from bullies at school. Piper is concerned that by him doing this, he could become a bully himself.

    Holly, Nicholas and Victoria earn their form through very different rescues—one of which has Drew and Piper making long range plans. But Drew’s ex-girlfriend Marin has plans of her own. She wants Drew back and will go to any lengths to make that happen. The cemetery kids, through their misguided shenanigans, manage to convince Marin that Piper is an evil witch, when she’s really the evil one.

    Kevin shows the stuff he’s made of when danger confronts his enemy; and one timely rescue due to the cemetery kids’ premonitions, becomes a game changer for the whole family. Christmas is a time of comfort, joy, and peace. For Piper, Drew, and their new family, the peace they seek is hard fought. But they’re working as a team now, so they’re worthy opponents for anything that could come their way.

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    In the romantic tradition of Dear John, #1 New York Times bestselling author Nicholas Sparks returns with the story of an injured Navy doctor — and two women whose secrets will change the course of his life.

    Trevor Benson never intended to move back to New Bern, North Carolina. But when a mortar blast outside the hospital where he worked sent him home from Afghanistan with devastating injuries, the dilapidated cabin he’d inherited from his grandfather seemed as good a place to regroup as any.

    Tending to his grandfather’s beloved beehives, Trevor isn’t prepared to fall in love with a local . . . yet, from their very first encounter, Trevor feels a connection with deputy sheriff Natalie Masterson that he can’t ignore. But even as she seems to reciprocate his feelings, she remains frustratingly distant, making Trevor wonder what she’s hiding.

    Further complicating his stay in New Bern is the presence of a sullen teenage girl, Callie, who lives in the trailer park down the road. Trevor hopes Callie can shed light on the mysterious circumstances of his grandfather’s death, but she offers few clues — until a crisis triggers a race to uncover the true nature of Callie’s past, one more intertwined with the elderly man’s passing than Trevor could ever have imagined.

    In his quest to unravel Natalie and Callie’s secrets, Trevor will learn the true meaning of love and forgiveness . . . and that in life, to move forward, we must often return to the place where it all began.

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    Ten men who graduated from Stanford together go on to become successful in their vastly different fields while remaining good friends as they take on life’s challenges. Five years earlier, they pooled their money and bought a beachfront lot on Sunset Beach and built a magnificent beach house. Every year in July, they come to the beach house for a two-week reunion with their former dorm mates, who now live all over the world. This particular summer, there is an undercurrent of restlessness though. Are they ready to find that special someone who will share a future they can build on and a love that consumes them? During two magical weeks at the beach house, Cupid steps in to bring each man his soul mate, and in ways, both comical and anguished, leads them all on the path to true and lasting happiness.

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    Since the earliest days of European exploration, mariners have heard tales and relayed their own stories of North Carolina’s perilous shoreline. With bold capes jutting into the ocean, sandy shoals extending miles offshore, fickle weather, and treacherous currents, it is no wonder that the coastline of the Old North State came to be known as the “The Graveyard of the Atlantic.” The inherent dangers of traveling North Carolina’s coast long ago gave rise to a fascinating and world-renowned strand of lighthouses and lifesaving stations from Currituck to Cape Fear. For more than two centuries, these bright beacons of safety have guided ships into busy harbors, signaled dangerous navigational obstacles, and warmed the hearts of homesick travelers. Their unique shapes and stoic beauty, as well as the adventures and lore that surround them, have elevated North Carolina’s lighthouses to a legendary level far beyond their practical purposes. Indeed, they have become symbols of a brave and triumphant way of life. As the use of satellite navigation increases, many of the lighthouses along the coast are being phased out of operation. Not surprisingly, a new wave of travelers have begun making pilgrimages, whether by land or sea, to visit these famous landmarks. Tourists from all over the world now make the journey to lighthouses at Currituck Beach, Bodie Island, Cape Hatteras, and others. North Carolina Lighthouses and Lifesaving Stations presents to readers the tales behind the lighthouses, illuminating their past in both word and image.

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    “Fans of Barbara Kingsolver will love this stunning debut novel from a New York Times bestselling nature writer, about an unforgettable young woman determined to make her way in the wilds of North Carolina, and the two men that will break her isolation open. For years, rumors of the “Marsh Girl” have haunted Barkley Cove, a quiet town on the North Carolina coast. She’s barefoot and wild; unfit for polite society. So in late 1969, when handsome Chase Andrews is found dead, the locals immediately suspect Kya Clark. But Kya is not what they say. Abandoned at age ten, she has survived on her own in the marsh that she calls home. A born naturalist with just one day of school, she takes life lessons from the land, learning from the false signals of fireflies the real way of this world. But while she could have lived in solitude forever, the time comes when she yearns to be touched and loved. Drawn to two young men from town, who are each intrigued by her wild beauty, Kya opens herself to a new and startling world–until the unthinkable happens. In Where the Crawdads Sing, Owens juxtaposes an exquisite ode to the natural world against a heartbreaking coming of age story and a surprising murder investigation. Thought-provoking, wise, and deeply moving, Owens’s debut novel reminds us that we are forever shaped by the children we once were, and that we are all subject to the beautiful and violent secrets that nature keeps”–

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    From the wickedly hilarious pen of Southern humorist Celia Rivenbark comes a collection of essays that brings to mind Dave Barry (in high heels) or Jeff Foxworthy (in a prom dress).

    Step into the wacky world of “womanless wedding” fund-raisers, in which Bubbas wear boas. Meet two sisters who fight rural boredom by washing Budweiser cans and cutting them into pieces to make clothing. Learn why the word snow sends any right-thinking Southerner careening to the Food Lion for extra loaves of bread and little else.

    Humor columnist and slightly crazed belle-by-birth Celia Rivenbark tackles these and other lard-laden subjects in Bless Your Heart, Tramp, a hilarious look at Southern—and just plain human—foibles, up-close and personal.
    So pour yourself a glass of sweet tea and curl up on the pie-azza with Bless Your Heart, Tramp.

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    Cassie Andrews has come to Brunswick County to build the controversial high-rise bridge to the idyllic barrier island of Sunset Beach. She gets more than she bargained for when she stumbles onto a murder and meets Michael Troy, the cop who will light a passion in her that she doesn’t know she has. As she struggles to prove herself and fit into the community, Michael tries to solve the murder of one of the island’s most disdained citizens. Had he hated the idea of the new bridge so much that it had cost him his life? Just who has he upset this time? Michael wanted a southern bride, a gently-bred woman of the south. So why was this little imp, who liked to play in the dirt with her Tonka toys, turning him inside out?

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    In continuous use since colonial days, the King’s Highway, now U.S. 17, is America’s oldest road running from north to south. The King’s Highway has played a part in intriguing stories about Seewee Indians, participants in the American Revolution and the Civil War, pirates Stede Bonnet and Anne Bonny, and the ghosts at Old Gunn Church.

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    Rising from the banks of the Cape Fear River like a spectral stage, Wilmington, North Carolina, remains one of America’s most haunted cities. Its beautiful homes and tidal waterways belie a history of violence. Wilmington is a true theatre of horror, the cast of which includes runaway slaves, children lost at sea, murderous lovers and fallen women of the night who linger in Paradise Alley. Wilmington’s ghosts make the Cape Fear region worthy of its name. Author John Hirchak calls upon years of experience as the owner and guide of the “Ghost Walk of Old Wilmington” to lead his readers on a journey down back alleys and docksides, stopping at various points along the way to listen to the lingering whispers of generations long dead. A wonderful mix of humor and horror, Ghosts of Old Wilmington will delight any reader with an interest in Wilmington’s unsavory past.

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    Annie Taft’s wedding is four days away, and it will be one of the grandest anyone can remember in her small South Carolina town. Preparations are in order. Friends and family are gathering in anticipation. Everything is going according to plan. Except that Annie herself has vanished. Did she have second thoughts? Or has something much worse happened to the bride-to-be?

    While her loved ones frantically try to track her down, they’re forced to grapple with their own secrets–secrets with the power to reframe entire relationships, leaving each to wonder how well they really knew Annie and how well they know themselves.

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    Whisking you back to the shores of her bestselling Beach House series, Mary Alice Monroe weaves together a tale of the struggles and triumphs of the historic Rutledge family of Charleston, South Carolina. Beautifully wrought and rich with keen insight, this is an illuminating tale of new beginnings, resilience, and one family’s enduring love.

    Cara Rutledge returns to her Southern home on the idyllic Isle of Palms. Everything is comfortingly the same, yet each detail is rife with painful memories. Only through reconnecting with family, friends, and the rhythms of the lowcountry can Cara release the hold of the past and open herself to the possibility of a new love, career, and hope for the future.

    Meanwhile, her niece Linnea, a recent college graduate who doesn’t know where her life will take her, leaves her historic home in Charleston, with all its entitlement and expectations, and heads to her aunt’s beach house. On the island, she is part of the freer, natural ocean lifestyle she loves, rejoining the turtle team, learning to surf, and falling in love. Remembering the lessons of her beloved grandmother, Lovie, the original “turtle lady,” Linnea rediscovers a meaningful purpose to her life and finds the courage she needs to break from tradition.

    In this heartwarming novel, three generations of the Rutledge family gather together to find the strength, love, and commitment to break destructive family patterns and to forge new bonds that will endure long beyond one summer reunion.

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    Who takes their kids on a honeymoon? All of them . . . a nine-year-old, a newborn baby, and eight cemetery ghost kids. When the honeymoon is to Disney World, it makes sense to take the whole family. So Piper and Drew load up a rented motorhome and head south.

    It’s a wild adventure with never a dull moment for the newlyweds. Did I mention that Glory, the ghosts’ mother, already their O.C.D. housekeeper, stows away and becomes a chronic shoplifter? Or that Piper’s Christmas present from the cemetery kids, a baby Magpie that grows full-sized almost overnight, tags along and has a penchant for stealing shiny things?

    When Drew takes Piper out for a romantic dinner at an elegant restaurant in Epcot, he is more than just a little embarrassed when he discovers his father’s corporate credit card has been compromised. He is livid and determined to get the culprit. What follows is a Disney adventure with more twists and turns than the Seven Dwarfs Mine Train ride.

    Come along for the fun, come along for the thrill, and come along for the escapades of the cemetery kids as they haunt the Haunted House.

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    Known for her moving characters and emotional honesty, Mary Alice Monroe brings readers a beautifully rendered story that explores the fragile yet enduring bond between mothers and daughters.

    Caretta Rutledge thought she’d left her Southern roots and troubled family far behind. But an unusual request from her mother—coming just as her own life is spinning out of control—has Cara heading back to the scenic Lowcountry of her childhood summers. Before long, the rhythms of the island open her heart in wonderful ways as she repairs the family beach house, becomes a bona fide “turtle lady” and renews old acquaintances long thought lost. But it is in reconnecting with her mother that she will learn life’s most precious lessons—true love involves sacrifice, family is forever and the mistakes of the past can be forgiven.


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    This book punctures the myth about the nature of the small North Carolina coastal village of Southport. Today it is known as “the town with all the antique stores,” but it’s past is very different. From the mid 1800s to the 1950s Southport was a hard working, sometimes kind of rough, even industrial, town, not merely a fishing village. Only later could it be called “quaint.” The author unfolds that past for us. The reader will learn not only of patriots in the Revolution and Civil War blockade-runners, but the story of the little known role her people played in saving lives using converted shrimp boats to seek out German U-boats offshore during World War II. From after the Civil War until well after World War II, the robust people of Southport transformed the community. They brought about a nearly explosive growth of commercial seafood processing in the shrimp and menhaden industries, which for many years were the economic backbone of Southport. Before We Were Quaint tells the story of the lives of people who lived with the threat of disease, survived hurricanes and children who grew up swimming, fishing, and getting into mischief along the town’s waterfront.

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    A richly illustrated history of pirate’s ships through the ages. From the dawn of civilization through the pirate ships of the middle ages on through piracy’s golden age in the caribbean to the modern pirates of today this book covers all the ships of piracy through out the world down through the ages.

    It is reasonable to assume that pirate ships were the same as other ships of their historic period and place, except that they were more heavily armed and had more crew than ordinary ships.

    The early pirates no doubt acquired their ships in the same manner as most of their later brethren, by theft or capture.

    The captured or stolen ships were usually stripped of everything unnecessary to the evil purposes of the sea bandits. They were then equipped with maximum armament before setting out to seek plunder.

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    Author and Illustrator Miller Pope has spent a lifetime as an artist meanwhile gathering a encyclopedic knowledge of history on a local as well as global level! Now he has retired and is sharing all his knowledge and talent as an artist in a series of books that are gaining rave reviews. From Captain Kidd to Blackbeard to the pirates of the orient, from bloody battles to walking the plank, from blunderbusses to cutlasses, you’ll be shivering in your timbers!