From the minds that brought you Made by Meg, they present PRISM.

The demand for colorful sea glass is a frustration I have felt for years. Sourcing these rare colors is difficult, expensive and sometimes questionable when it comes to authenticity.

I considered this problem for years and tried to come up with a solution that worked from all angles. The glass had to be genuine, top quality and beautiful. When it came to the color, it had to be permanent, bright and consistent. Coming up with a way to add the color was time-consuming, frustrating at times, expensive, exciting and, in the end, rewarding.

Prism sea glass jewelry is the perfect solution to the frustration I have felt for many years.  With our proprietary process, we use white, beach-found, genuine sea glass, creating colorized sea glass by putting a splash of color behind the glass.  The color shows through creating an illusion of a colored piece of glass, so we are able to create pieces in almost any color imaginable.  We use the same process and glass for every color, so rarity is not a factor and all colors can be priced the same.  We do not want consumers to be confused and think Prism Sea Glass is a natural sea glass color.

To do everything we can to make things clear we are taking every measure possible to clarify this as colorized sea glass.  We will be selling and advertising this jewelry line as “colorized, genuine sea glass”.  Every piece of jewelry made in this fashion will be stamped with our Prism Sea Glass maker’s mark which has our original bird logo with an inverted triangle behind the bird.

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