Martha Russ Author

Martha Russ AuthorMartha Russ Author

Martha Russ is a Cuban national who came to the US in 1961. Her hero is Marvin the Martian: Like Marvin, she’s a misunderstood alien. Martha lives in North Carolina, in tiny Ocean Isle Beach, which faces south toward her beloved island.

Martha’s book: “Beans & Rice: Growing Up Cuban” is a semi-humorous look at growing up in a different culture. Martha was born in pre and post revolution Cuba. Her parents struggled to get Martha out of Cuba during Operation Pedro Pan which brought children, mostly without their parentsover to Miami to Catholic School which placed them in foster homes. Martha came to the united states when she was 11 years old.

The book is filled with anecdotes about her childhood, her quirky mother and the culture shock of the transition to life in the United States.

There is really no way to explain just how fun and funny this book is – even when Martha is relating the difficulties and her family experienced during the revolution in Castro’s Cuba.

Martha is great friend to everyone at Ocean Isle Beach and a great wife to her husband Robert and mother and to her children here in Ocean Isle Beach


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