Fred R David Author

Fred R David AuthorDr. Fred R David Author is a native of Whiteville, North Carolina, but today is a full-time resident of Ocean Isle Beach in Brunswick County. Fred has co-authored books The History of Ocean Isle Beach and Shipwreck Diving NC: Calabash to Southport with Vern Bender. They also worked together on a a two CD Audio Book: “History of Ocean Isle Driving Tour”.

All three are available in our Islands Art Store and from our online eCommerce site: spent most of the summers since 1965 at Ocean Isle Beach. He is a college professor, historian, and writer. He recently published twelve articles in the local Brunswick Beacon newspaper on “The History of Ocean Isle Beach from the year 10,000 BC to Today.”

Fred R David Author

Fred and his wife Joy have three children: Forest, Byron, and Meredith. Fred is an avid scuba diver and saltwater fisherman. From 1989 to 2006, he owned and operated the FOLLOW ME charter boat at Ocean Isle Beach and took many hundreds of people deep sea fishing. Fred currently serves as President of the Ocean Isle Beach Land Conservancy.


Shipwreck Diving NC: Calabash to SouthportDescription

A new fascinating book by local authors Fred R David and Vern J. Bender. Fred R David Author

Published in 2010, this book is 63 page book covers all the biggest shipwrecks of North Carolina from Calabash to Southport.

The book is 63 pages of detailed stories and images – a great read for anyone fascinated with nautical history.

Everyone fascinated with the sea will enjoy reading this documentary on local shipwreck diving.


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People from age 4 to 104 will love this book, for twelve good reasons:

* It provides short stories of the last voyage of ships that sank offshore of Sunset Beach, Ocean Isle Beach, Holden Beach, Oak Island, and Baldhead Island
* It provides actual pictures of ships that sank here, such as the Sherman, the Hebe, the Raritan, the Governor, and the City of Houston
* It provides GPS #’s of many shipwrecks off southeast North Carolina
* It provides color pictures and short descriptions of exotic marine life that inhabit local shipwrecks
* It reveals where local Shark Tooth Beds are located and describes the extinct megalodon that once roamed here * It discusses the local Cypress Tree Forest on the ocean floor
* It provides numerous embedded YouTube video hotlinks to bring to life local shipwrecks and marine life
* It describes how, when, and where to catch spiny and slipper lobster here
* It gives important information for diving local shipwrecks, including depth, visibility, currents, type of artifacts, and marine life
* It describes local shipwreck history, from pirate ships to Civil War blockade runners, to World War II U-boat victims, to the recent Valour sinking * It tells the story of Frying Pan Tower and Frying Pan Lightships
* Help us preserve the history of this area by making this book available to others.


The History of Ocean Isle Beach

The History of Ocean Isle Beach


Fred R David Author

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A 130 page, hardbound, full color, 8.5 x 11 inch pictorial and narrative history of the Ocean Isle Beach area. It is professionally edited by an Internationally-acclaimed publisher. Each book personally signed by the authors.

Regular Price: $34.95
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