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Favorite Beach Photos – By Ken Buckner

Stroll sandy shores by the sea or the beaches of a lovely lake and see sunrises, sunsets and wildlife just as nationally renowned local nature photographer and artist, Ken Buckner viewed them through his camera. Hardcover coffee table edition with 128 high quality 8″x10″ pages with 100 full color photographs – personally signed by the author.

This is Ken’s journey and you are invited to join him through these pages. Most of the photos were taken near his home in the South Brunswick Islands of North Carolina, but favorite beaches in Michigan and Florida are also shown.

“I explore beauty with my camera. The photos show the journey” – Ken Buckner

The book includes the occasional “story behind the picture.” Ken wants the reader to feel some of the excitement he experienced capturing these special moments in time. “Favorite Beach Photos” is designed to be an aesthetic journey rather than a technical treatise on photography. he hopes it will inspire others to experience the beauty of nature.

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